Do you like to climb up the mount by using bike or even you live in the hills field road? If yes you do, you must know that the bike for those activities is different from the bike you can use in the usual road. If you use the ordinary bike for climbing up the hills, you will get hard in doing this cycling activity. Thus, you need to ensure you use the best bike in the right place. If you live in the city which has the hills field road, it means you should use the mount bikes.

This kind of bike will work well for the certain hills field roads as what the road in surrounding areas. Thus, before you are going to buy the new bike, you need to figure out first about the road surrounding area to ensure you buy the best one.

If you live in the straight road, you don’t need to buy the mount bikes because the road is not supported for you to use this bike as well. However, if you live in the wave road like the hills field, you should take this bike to help you in doing your activity. There are some best options for mountain bikes you can consider:

1. Cannondale Bad Habit
The price for this hottest trend mountain bike is about $2,660.

Cannondale Bad Habit

2. Liv Lust Advanced 1
The price for this fast, light and full of suspension mountain bike is about $3,900.

3. Pivot Match 419 Trail
The price for easy to maneuver as well as whip around the switchbacks is about $5,399.

4. Yeti SB5c BETI
The price for this lightweight carbon frame is about $6,899.

5. Iblis Ripley 29 LS
The price for this excellent mountain bike is about $5.899.

6. Spot Rollik
The price you should pay for this urban bike is about $3,000 until $6,000.

7. Marin Attack Trail 9
The price you should pay for this carbon front triangle with dual-link of suspension design is about $6,599.

Marin Attack Trail 9

8. GT Verb Expert
The price you should pay for getting this bike is about $1.199 and you can get many premium component of this bike.

9. Jamis Defcon 2
The price you should pay for getting this bike for endure racing and trail riding is about $3,799.

10. Juliana Furtado
The price you should pay for getting this bike for high speed and rocky terrain with quick handling is about $3,599 until $8,699.

Juliana Furtado

11. Rocky Mountain Blizard 50
The price you should pay for getting this bike for riding in any kinds of terrain from the snow, mud until rocky is about $2,599.

12. Alchemy Arktos
The price you should pay for this bike for custom carbon road and full suspensions endure is about $3,799.

13. Felt Decree 3
The price you should pay for this bike for single pivot suspension and simple light bike is about $4,499.

Those are the best mount bikes you can take one as your best. You just need to take a look of them and decide what kind of the things you like most.


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